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With the rise of digital transformation, innovation is happening faster than ever before. But many organizations are struggling to keep up. Building software apps the same old way for 50 years has resulted in rigid, siloed arrays of legacy apps and systems that are hard to use and expensive to maintain. What's worse: one out of every two traditional software development projects ends in failure. (source: IDG survey, 2018)

The most successful organizations are better and faster at turning innovative ideas into software that works. They're doing it with low-code development because traditional hand-coding is too slow, too costly, and too inflexible for the Digital Age.

Low-code is about simplifying what it takes to build great software. By doing that, low-code accelerates the delivery of high-impact business applications. Gartner says 65% of application development will be Low-code by 2024. (source: Gartner, "Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Low-Code Application Platforms," August, 2019)

IT and business people need help understanding what low-code is, what it isn't, where it fits in the development arsenal, and how it should be used and governed.

That's the mission at LowCode.com. We've built an exclusive home for a remarkable source of independent, expert commentary on technology, culture and strategy to educate, provoke, and shape our thinking about the future of innovation and all things digital transformation.

LowCode.com is your ticket to news and pragmatic, innovative ideas emerging in the wake of a software development crisis that calls for new ways of doing things. We're bringing the low-code community together so we can all help shape the future.

If you'd like to reach out to me with any questions, thoughts, or ideas, please email lowcode@appian.com.

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